UPVC Mech Specialist Installer

The following issues are signs that your door is in need of maintenance:

  • Worsening stiffness opening or closing the door
  • Increasing difficulty when operating the handle in an upward (locking) or downward (opening) motion
  • Squeaking whilst operating the handle in an upward or downward motion
  • Difficulty turning the key to lock the door
  • Door not closing or latching properly
  • Having to force the handle up to engage the multipoint lock
  • Unable to lift the handle to engage the multipoint lock
  • Intermittent operation of the handle or locking mechanism, sometimes working and sometimes not

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your doors or windows, it is likely that prolonged usage without maintenance or repair will cause the internal mechanisms of the door to fail, resulting in the door being stuck in a closed or open state. Bare in mind that if stuck in a closed position, excessive force and leveraging methods may be needed in most cases so that the door can be successfully opened, which is required in order to proceed to any type of repair.

In most cases failure to maintain your door hardware properly will result in a new gearbox or entire mechanism installation which can be very expensive!


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